Trout Lake
I wanted to personally take a moment to thank you both for the exceptional service and absolutely delicious and exotic meal and treats you served me and my guests at Delmar 50th anniversary event held this past September 19th, 2015. I am not the type of person that writes reviews or gives recommendations very often. While I frequently thank my suppliers and compliment them when they deserve it, it is rare that I feel emotionally compelled to sit down (perverbial pen in hand) and attempt to explain an incredible experience and my gratitude for same.

Trout Lake Catering did something on September 19th that my guests and I will simply never forget and I want to thank both you Jamie and Antonio for reaching out and bringing Trout Lake to my attention and making our affair so exceptional. Delmar International Inc. (www.delmarcargo.com) the company my father started in 1965 was going to celebrate turning fifty years old and I, as President and CEO, wanted it to be a unique and memorable experience for my family, our associates, employees and all our friends and international guests. I was searching for the right people to make this happen and Trout Lake did not disappoint!

The fact is I had met (and have been a huge fan) of Antonio Park for ages, I have been unknowingly eating his food for many years, however when I learnt who he actually was and where he was working I followed him like the food addict that I am. The fact is that indulging in Antonio’s dishes is phenomenal in and of itself but doing so in a setting controlled by his imagination is an experience for all of one’s senses. The ingredients, presentation, creativity and ultimately the shear deliciousness of it all was breathtaking.

I have received hundreds of compliments and continue to hear from people who attended and those who deeply regret missing out of the event still, over a month later. Thank you again for your participation, dedication and most of all friendship. I hope to celebrate many, many more corporate and personal milestones with Trout Lake at my side.

Yours Truly
Trout Lake
Thanks to Jamie and his team, my wedding day was a magical experience.

Throughout the whole process, Jamie was calm and professional, and full of great ideas. We went to him with a date, venue, and list of invitees, and he took care of the rest. From helping us choose the delicious menu (which everyone couldn't stop raving about) to the layout of the venue, the timing of the event, renting the necessary equipment, and all the other lovely things you need to do, he was on top of every detail!

He adapted to any last minute changes we had with ease. On the big day, we decided since it was sunny and beautiful to move the event outside (instead of inside like planned), and Jamie made that happen without a hiccup. We also invited a few more people than anticipated, and again Jamie was able to manage without any issues. He made sure everything was perfect!

I was also impressed with the staff that works with him, they were fantastic; friendly, helpful, and full of smiles.

I received many compliments about how beautiful the day was, and how smoothly the event went, and it's all thanks to Jamie.

Thanks again Jamie and the rest of the team, I will certainly be using you again for my next party!
Trout Lake
Two weeks ago I received a call from my son advising me that he and Charlotte, the love of his life, are going to get married and have a civil wedding in Montreal. Their official wedding with family and friends will take place sometime next year probably in Europe.

After a quick discussion they agreed to have the ceremony at our house. We were fortunate enough that they selected Jamie Silver and his team from Park/Lavanderia Restaurants to be the party organizer and caterer. Jamie’s professionalism and experience shone through with his ability to float through the changes to both the menu and quantity of people.

With the beautiful weather the venue changed from inside the house to outside less than 24 hours before the event, Nicolina managed that without even blinking an eye. The event came together without a hitch; the chefs managed to have the spectacular food flow nonstop till the end. It was not a sit down meal but one of tapas and varied tasting throughout. The staff's pleasant disposition coupled with their smiles and the constant flow of food combined with the magnificent weather made for a wonderful event. I have never heard so many superlatives about the food at an event from the friends and family that were there.

Thanks and Bravo to Jamie and his team !!!
Trout Lake
There is no doubt that chef Park is revolutionizing the food industry in Montreal with his culinary originality. Every dish is superbly thought out and the presentation is bar none. Our guests enjoyed a variety of dishes, each one better than the next.

The food however was equally matched by the professionalism and experience of Jamie Silver. I have known Jamie for many years and always thought of him as a really outgoing, personable guy. What I had not known is how much passion he has for what he does and how much knowledge and insight he had to offer for our special day.

Jamie listened to us as we explained the vibe we hoped to create, and had an idea or a plan to put our request in motion. When we needed a chuppah, Jamie knew someone to call. When we needed a videographer, he not only knew a guy, but negotiated the price. Even the cup we needed to break, Jamie led us in the right direction.

The table was set perfectly by Nicolina Servello; who met with us to understand our tastes, and the staff for the day were superb - friendly, "out-of-sight" but always around, and meticulous.

It was such a privilege to work with Jamie and I look forward to many more events with Trout Lake in the future.

Each time I spoke with Jamie to review the menu he would say "it's not catering, it's an experience." We now know exactly what he meant.

Trout Lake
I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend the culinary talents, professional skills and exceptional character of Chef Antonio Park. An acclaimed chef, his Montreal restaurants Park and Lavanderia are among the city’s very finest, and of course Chef Park has been featured on television many times for his expertise. The significance of these accomplishments notwithstanding. I would say that his attention to detail and service is what makes him stand out most to me, along with his philanthropy and how much he gives back to the community. On that note, his food is sustainable -- and how rare it is to find brilliant chefs who are committed to saving the environment while also staying true to their crafts.

Yet most of all, what resonates with me is the kindness of Antonio Park’s soul. Chef Park is a true giver. His passion and love for what he does manifests in the success of all his restaurants, and is apparent to anyone who enjoys the privilege of meeting this inspiring man.
Trout Lake
The SVR Children’s Foundation presented the Cocktails & Couture for a Cause fundraising event. The objective was to create a fascinating event that will encourage the community to gather together in support of an incredible cause: children’s health. I can confidently say that Jamie Silver and his team helped me accomplish the latter. Guests were in complete awe the second they walked through the doors, and left saying the most rewording words: “count me in next year!”

Jamie is a master of his trade, and it showed from the moment I met him. His professionalism, knowledge and experience in the event industry helped make our fundraiser the success that it was. The venue chosen for the event was an empty room with four blank walls in need of being equipped with tables, chairs, sound, lighting, and draping; a stressful challenge that was put at ease by Jamie. Organized, prompt and dependable are only a few of the amazing traits Jamie possesses.

Words cannot express my gratitude towards Jamie and his team for helping me further my fundraising initiatives through this memorable event. Their commitment to the cause and making the best out of our charity event goes to show the company’s values.

I profoundly thank Jamie and his team, and I look forward to working together on many more events of all types!
Trout Lake
To Trout Lake Catering and Events:

This may be my first ever written testimonial which should speak volumes about the service received from Trout Lake.

We engaged Jamie Silver and Trout Lake at the very beginning of our wedding planning process with not much background or expectations. We knew some of the people involved and of course the chefs and catering team as well. We were reluctant at first thinking things like “this may be too good to be true” and “no chance Antonio Park will cater our wedding”. We took a chance thinking this would be an incredible opportunity if it would all come to fruition, but kept our expectations as reasonable as possible. Little did we know, that first meeting with Jamie and Trout Lake completely changed everything about our wedding, going from what we thought was going to be a long and at times frustrating process, to something simple and absolutely incredible – way beyond anything we could have imagined.

From the very beginning, Jamie took an extremely active role in our wedding planning. At times, he seemed like he knew every single person in the wedding industry and had them on speed dial all waiting for his call. Jamie helped us through every aspect of planning, not only by taking care of all the food and food decor, but by introducing us to a whole host of vendors which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. And then there was the food (which to date, approximately 3 weeks later, is still the talk amongst our friends and family). We knew going in, given the catering team, that the food was going to be good. But it wasn’t just good. It was beyond all of our expectations. The timing, abundance and overall quality were second to none. And surprisingly, the only thing that could be considered even more impressive than the actual food, was the actual presentation. The care and detail that went into everything from table displays, to pass around cocktail trays, all the way down to the spoon or fork used, was incredible. You could tell that even the smallest details were discussed and thought about.

I could easily go on and on about each and every detail. All I could say is that, if you are planning a wedding or event and have not yet booked your caterer, look no further. Do yourself a huge favour and hire Trout Lake (you can thank me after). Working myself in the client service industry, I’ve come to appreciate good client service. And there is really nobody better and nobody who has impressed me more than Jamie and his team. A true model of what client service should be and what anybody in the client service business should try and achieve. Trout Lake turned my wedding into absolute perfection. My wife and I could truly not thank them enough for everything they did and for going above and beyond anything we had ever asked of them or had imagined.

My only regret was not having enough time to eat and enjoy everything they served..

Thanks again for everything!
Trout Lake
Thank you to you and your team for a job very well done at our BMW 7 Series Launch Event in Montreal, at the Sky Service Hangar this past October. Your team was incredibly accommodating and resourceful and delivered above and beyond our expectations.
The quality of your food and of your staff was excellent. Your team was onsite early to accommodate the build phase - installing a complete working kitchen to allow the food to be prepared fresh on-site. As a result, we received numerous compliments from our clients. Your investment in a food stylist meant that everything was beautifully displayed and left a lasting impression on our 375+ guests.

Trout Lake Catering is a first class caterer and I would be more than happy to be a reference for you. Thank you again for your commitment to our program. We will absolutely be in touch regarding future events and look forward to seeing you again soon.