Nicolina Servello


Nicolina Servello is Montreal’s fastest-rising food stylist, specializing in making gourmet events that much more grandiose and unforgettable through her distinct style. Using her cultivated collection of custom-made props and accessories, Nicolina will work with themes to bring visions to life beyond expectations.

“I like bold contrasts and subtle complexities in both food & fashion and I never follow the rules.”

Having spent years in Amsterdam and LA as an associate producer, she knows a thing or two about how to style food and events to their full potential. Growing up on her family’s Italian hobby farm, Nicolina’s fondest memories are of large, casual dinners with family and friends outside, underneath the tall maple tree. There, around makeshift tables, they would spend hours over plates of home-made charcuterie and bright, juicy vegetables; eating first with their eyes and then with their mouths.

Nicolina lives and breathes the art and sensuality of food. She is committed to curating the most sensory of experiences and her flair and enthusiasm are contagious and second to none. If you attended a Montreal-area event that awakened your senses in the past few years, chances are Nicolina had a serious artistic hand in it.